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Permanent Makeup – correcting red/pink eyebrows

NaturaLook’s Jeanee Lusby demonstrates how to correct a reddish-pink eyebrow by applying the color’s opposite (green) in order to neutralize the undesirable color.

Title: Permanent Makeup – correcting red/pink eyebrows

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Added on: January 5th, 2012

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  1. By: lala123123123123123

    why green?

  2. By: NaturalookLaJolla

    @lala123123123123123 As you can tell, the patient has had previous work that was much too warm for her skin tone. The color came out very red, so in order to neutralize that color you must put the color’s opposite over the top of it. Red’s opposite is green, so a layer of green must first be put down to neutralize the color. After this has healed, the patient will come back to have a second treatment where a color that is more suited for her skin tone will be used (most likely a rich brown).

  3. By: rnbsteenstar

    Was this woman wearing eyeshadow or were her lids naturally like that?

  4. By: NaturalookLaJolla

    @rnbsteenstar It is very likely eye shadow.

  5. By: rnbsteenstar

    @NaturalookLaJolla OK.

  6. By: WhiteSage777

    Jeanie, why won’t they use body tattoo pigment on the eyes for instance, wouldn’t it last longer? is there is a reason why regular tattoo pigment is not used

  7. By: NaturalookLaJolla

    @WhiteSage777 There are some permanent makeup artists that use body ink, but we strongly advise against it. The color will last much longer, but you are taking the risk of that ink changing colors once it’s been put into your skin. It can also migrate under the skin – not good. It is very painful and expensive to have ink removed from your face. The pigments we use are specifically designed to be used on the face, they only fade to a lighter shade of themselves – much more natural!

  8. By: NaturalookLaJolla

    @WhiteSage777 continued….If you’ve ever seen people with blue, purple or orange eyebrows, then you’ve seen what body ink can do once it’s been put into your skin. Additionally, what you want your makeup to look like might not be what you want in 20 years. It’s nice to know that you can simply let your makeup fade away over approx. 5 years and then change it if you want.

  9. By: 340jenna

    what is the brand name of the the tattooing machine you are using?

  10. By: NaturalookLaJolla

    @340jenna We use the Nouveau Contour Intelligent digital machine. The handpiece is made of die cast aluminum and is extremely light. You will never experience any side-ward fluctuation of the needles. Hair strokes look more natural, lines look sharper and procedure time is reduced. If you go to Nouveau Contour’s website and click on devices you can read more.

  11. By: coffee2luv

    I’d love to know where this can be done at. I mean the techinicians in these 4 videos if possible. Or maybe even a website or contact information. Im so impressed and i would to have this done. Thanks.

  12. By: NaturalookLaJolla

    @coffee2luv We are located in La Jolla, CA. We have one permanent makeup artist, Jeanee Lusby. You can read more about us and how to contact us at our website: wwwnaturalookcom. We would love to work on you!

  13. By: sameghan

    How does someone get red/pink eyebrows?

  14. By: NaturalookLaJolla

    @sameghan A technician must understand Undertone and Color Theory in order for the color to look beautiful and match the client’s hair/skin colors. If a person has lots of warm undertones in their skin, they will turn any pigment that is placed in their skin a reddish color. These clients must have a green-based pigment applied so that the final product correctly matches their hair/skin colors. Undertone & Color Theory is one of the most difficult subjects for a permanent makeup artist to tackle


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